Bulletin 2010/2

Bulletin 2010/2

# Part I: Underground City Project (European Interdisciplinary Platform) Underground City in process_ (Pascal Silondi, Bruce Gahir, Aurelie Besson, Stefano Cavagnetto) Underground City XXI (George Allen) # Part II: Aesthetics, Numbers and Algorithms Equivalence in aesthetics (Veronika Douchova) How many numbers there are? (Radek Honzik) # Part III: Art and Design City Branding: can a graphic identity fully represent the city? (Oksana Shmygol) # Part IV: Business The Nature of Corporate Social Responsibility Examined from a Practical Perspective (Dung Viet Phan, Bruce Gahir) Adapting Porter Value Chain Analysis (Andy Cousins) # Part V: Educational Matters Student Research and the use of the Questionnaire (Dave Gannon) Cognitive processes of student researchers (Anna Boguszak)

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    The Centre for Research and Interdisciplinary Studies (CRIS) was developed from projects initiated by Stefano Cavagnetto in the context of his role as Head of the School of Business and Head of the School of IT & Computing, Bruce Gahir, Principal Lecturer in the School of Business and Computing, and Pascal Silondi, Principal Lecturer in Interactive Media. The aims and objectives of CRIS are to facilitate research and development in the subject areas underpinning the academic curriculum at Prague College.

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