Bulletin 2010/1

Bulletin 2010/1

Beginning in March 2010, Prague College Research Center Bulletin started to publish research. Bulletin is a quarterly publication that publishes current and relevant research activities of lecturers and students. This bulletin forms an integral part of the Prague College Research Centre (PCRC) and provides a medium whereby the research activities of the centre can be documented. The PCRC was founded with the idea of developing interdisciplinary research crossing several fields and subject areas underlying the academic curricula at Prague College.

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    The Centre for Research and Interdisciplinary Studies (CRIS) was developed from projects initiated by Stefano Cavagnetto in the context of his role as Head of the School of Business and Head of the School of IT & Computing, Bruce Gahir, Principal Lecturer in the School of Business and Computing, and Pascal Silondi, Principal Lecturer in Interactive Media. The aims and objectives of CRIS are to facilitate research and development in the subject areas underpinning the academic curriculum at Prague College.

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