Tchouri - Surin # 08 in Gamerz 2 .By P.Silondi - Prague

Tchouri - Surin # 08 in Gamerz 2 .By P.Silondi - Prague

«Tchouri » in Romany became "Surin", synonym of knife in French argot. It's an interactive installation that plays on network with different Medias and languages; videos, sounds, virtual 3D spaces and objects. All those Medias are parts of a dynamic and audio visual 3D architecture, based on a mix in between the VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) and the unreal tournament 3D engine. The visual and narrative rhythms are produced by the user punching a latex device with a knife. The purpose of « Tchouri » is to perforate a skin, entering a sensible membrane to navigate and interact within a dismembered digital body, creating atypical mixes of non linear digital sequences. The interface is based on the MIDI protocol that allowed the interconnection of hardwares and analogical sensors in a network. That system is transforming the data captured by using the knife. It's translating them and connecting them to the digital Medias and sources involved in the database, producing a distorted audio visual body finally projected in the real. - Jernej Cernalogar (Slovenia) : SoundScape design and Patch creation - Samuel Moucha (France) : Creation of the "surin". Special Thanks to Marie Silondi, Pamela Ranfaing, Jakub Kopecky and Jaroslav Bezdék for their creative help.

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Added on Nov 19, 2009

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    I was born in Paris in 1973, and live in Prague since 2000. As artist I developed various interdisciplinary projects where meet virtual and real environments. I founded the association LIBAT (Hybrid laboratory for Arts and new technologies) in November 2002. For several years, I'm developing various artistic and cultural projects with, as scour objective the exploration of the complex Art-science-news technologies of information. I'm interested in systems' architecture and in particular interactive multimedia storytelling in 3D shared environments. My artistic and technological culture evolved as a trans-disciplinary walk-through , exploring contemporary languages and fields like cinema, video, scenography, sound, robotic or data processing, using sensors' systems like motion capture to connect performers,(dancers, actors, public...) within 3D digital spaces. I'm directing LIBAT since 2002 and I'm leading the interactive media department of Prague College since 2006, where I develop with our students and teachers a creative approach to interactive media and fine art, exploring animation techniques, 3D, web, film, sound, interface design and more... Specialties: - Creation of intuitive navigation systems implemented into 3D real time environments - Creation of haptic and multimodal user interfaces - Creation of shared 3D environments and multimedia platform distributed on the Internet - Creation of videos, interactive and robotic installations, multimedia performances. - Creation and production of international workshops - Creation and production of international exhibitions and festivals - Creation of interactive architecture visualizations - curator - interdisciplinary researcher LIBAT # Hybrid lab for arts and new technologies aims to stimulate the production, the administration and the diffusion of international artistic, interdisciplinary, multimedia and experimental projects.The association is proposing a hybrid and nomad platform/laboratory, tool of analysis, creation, and exchange for conceptual, artistic and technological studies. Libat is involved in the coordination of several artistic and cultural projects with as scour objective the experimentation and the exploration of art, science and new technologies. Libat supports the creation of a dynamic international open-network inviting artists, culture centers and researchers to foster the creation and the presentation of new media art models.

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