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    Filip Triner

    BA (Hons) Graphic Design


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    Hi, my name is Filip – I am a graphic designer. Let me introduce myself. I am bilungual- I was born in Germany but as my parents are Czech I regurarly find myself in Czech Republic. After I have finished secondary school in Munich, I studied communication design at the Designschule München for three years and finished my degree as a "state-certified communication designer". Shortly after I decided to continue my studiesat Prague College to earn an additional Bachelor degree. I felt like I wanted to gain new visions and insights, as well as improve my English in a new region. I am especially intersted in corporate design, conceptual thinking and idea generation, problem solving, typography and advertising. Besides, I am also interested in package design, furniture/architecture design, print design and photography. Overall I would describe myself as a very ambitious person who loves design and I am constantly working on my skills, experimanting and broaden my knowledge. I like minimalistic and clear design with attention to detail and clever conceptual ideas. Please feel free to check out my work and contact me.

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