Camera in Photoshop

Realitstic camera done in Photoshop. Final image:

Added on 22.01.2013 by Jan Dvorak

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Praga karting - The best moments from Euroseries round 1 at Sarno 2012

Video I made for the Praga Karting team. - It was raining...... Edited by Tadeas Marek, with thanks to MonzaInforma crew for contributing their great raw footage and to Daniel Landa for the soundtrack.

Added on 26.04.2012 by Tadeas Marek

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TRIAD - Game Demo

Added on 30.03.2012 by David Prouza

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Srba Servis / Fiat / Servisní kampaň

One week job for a car dealer service campaign.

Added on 22.01.2012 by David Prouza

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ROBE lighting

A Robe Lighting company intro that used one of my tracks and my voice (quite an old work of mine)

Added on 18.01.2012 by Oliver Torr

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Black Moon White Cat

Short film by Prague College students, Mixed Grill Productions for 48 hour film competition!

Added on 19.12.2011 by Bethany Lacktorin

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Chevrolet Aveo 2011

For one of my assignments I have decided to create a short spot for a car. This is not a regular TV spot, it is more of a website teaser produced by local dealer to promote themselves. It is not fully finished, for example the sound effects are missing in the "tense" part, but this is due the lack of time towards the end of the semester. If I had the chance to start over again, I would probably tried to work out more the conceptual side of this project, because I think that right now, I am halfway between Top Gear review and TV advert.

Added on 13.12.2011 by David Prouza

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Recording "Don't Surrender"

The audible process of recording "Don't Surrender". ©2011 Beat Wicki. Song released 21 November 2011. Download:

Added on 26.11.2011 by Beat Wicki

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Le Guignol - Human Puppet Performance

Nini Wittendorff (story, choreography, acting, sound design), Ondrej Hanel (story, choreography, acting, sound design), Miroslav Krhounek (kinect technical expert). School project, combines interactive projection, sound design and acting/performing. We used kinect and vvvv for the projection part (thank you Mirek!). It's the first show, far from perfect - there were some timing issues as well as kinect recognition switch. Anyway the audience seemed happy :)

Added on 29.07.2011 by Ondrej Hanel

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Final Stopmotion.mp4

This is my first stopmotion animation. This version is a bit something like demo, because I am going to extend it during the summer.

Added on 01.07.2011 by Michaela Kubatova

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