Prague College Brochure 2011

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My first ZSpheres modeling, sculpting, retopology and I can say this my first almost finished ZBrush model. Done with tutorial from "Digital - Tutors"

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Student Council Magazine (special edition)

The special Christmas Issue which was the result of one year acting student council

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Christmas Party 2010

Design by Natalia Ogneva

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Bulletin 2010/2

# Part I: Underground City Project (European Interdisciplinary Platform) Underground City in process_ (Pascal Silondi, Bruce Gahir, Aurelie Besson, Stefano Cavagnetto) Underground City XXI (George Allen) # Part II: Aesthetics, Numbers and Algorithms Equivalence in aesthetics (Veronika Douchova) How many numbers there are? (Radek Honzik) # Part III: Art and Design City Branding: can a graphic identity fully represent the city? (Oksana Shmygol) # Part IV: Business The Nature of Corporate Social Responsibility Examined from a Practical Perspective (Dung Viet Phan, Bruce Gahir) Adapting Porter Value Chain Analysis (Andy Cousins) # Part V: Educational Matters Student Research and the use of the Questionnaire (Dave Gannon) Cognitive processes of student researchers (Anna Boguszak)

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Bulletin 2010/1

Beginning in March 2010, Prague College Research Center Bulletin started to publish research. Bulletin is a quarterly publication that publishes current and relevant research activities of lecturers and students. This bulletin forms an integral part of the Prague College Research Centre (PCRC) and provides a medium whereby the research activities of the centre can be documented. The PCRC was founded with the idea of developing interdisciplinary research crossing several fields and subject areas underlying the academic curricula at Prague College.

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Test mixing vocals ... voice from me

Nice to meet you

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TRANSART 2010 Festival

In September 2010 Libat and Prague College participated in Transart 2010 Festival in Labin, Croatia with Underground City XXI project.

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PC Lunchies

PC Lunchies Indentity - Prague College Lunchies is a project organized by STUDENTS UNITED (Prague College;s Student Council). PC Lunchies is a student buffet opened everyday at the College serving students with basic food, such as hot dogs, toasties, snack bars and some refreshment. What you can see here, is a logo and 2 promotional posters. I will be working on a menu soon too and possible other advertising. I am opened to suggestions, please leave a comment.

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Underground City XXI at Anemic Festival exhibition opening

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