Tihana's work

Bizarre Food

A little exercise done at sound production class. An imaginary radio advert...bizzzaaaaareeee

Added on 11.11.2009

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The Well

First experiment with stop motion animation. It was done for Animation techniques class with Pascal Silondi. Music is by Croatian band Bambi Molesters

Added on 07.10.2009

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Rewritten Memories

An art installation created for Interactive Media Final Show. Exhibited at Prague College during summer 2009. Rewritten Memories is a personal piece dealing with family, childhood, relationships and how future is connected with past. Installation is interactive. Audience can climb up the ladders up to the "tree house" and when reaching the top sound is activated. The sound is a lullaby, that was never sung before. Photos by Tina Šimonová

Added on 21.09.2009

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